Further Up and Further In: Psalm 134

Here it is. The last Psalm of Ascent.  Does this mean we have reached the top?  On the contrary, it would appear that the end of this journey is just the beginning. On Good Friday, Christ ascended Golgotha to be crucified for us. In that moment He was at the summit, and it appeared the … Continue reading

Silence: Psalm 131

“I have stilled my soul…within me.” –Psalm 131 Holy Saturday has always been a strange day for me.  The rest of Holy Week is like a symphonic swell leading up to the final movement, then, on Saturday, there is a pregnant pause.  Utter silence. A silence that seems to stretch on forever.    Did Jesus … Continue reading

Laughter: Psalm 126

Children too are a gift from the LORD… Now for a little levity during Holy Week. Last night my wife and I decided to conduct an experiment. We put our two boys, two and four, in the same room to sleep for the night. We knew that this was a potentially disastrous move on our … Continue reading

Storms: Palm 124

Here is the back story. I am kind of a weather buff. I think in some other life I was meant to be a meteorologist but in this life I settle for checking the weather obsessively. My wife likes to make fun of the fact that I constantly check the weather but on more than … Continue reading

Home: Psalm 122

My wife has created a beautiful house for us to live in. She did not build our house but within the confines of our walls she created beauty, peace, and order. Through the utilization of paint, nails, fabric, and a little ingenuity she took a house and made it our home. This is where we … Continue reading