Laughter: Psalm 126

Children too are a gift from the LORD…

Now for a little levity during Holy Week. Last night my wife and I decided to conduct an experiment. We put our two boys, two and four, in the same room to sleep for the night. We knew that this was a potentially disastrous move on our part, but we still thought it was worth trying. The possibility of no sleep? HA! We laugh at sleepless nights! Grumpy kids in the morning? Bring it on!

Seriously though, we did believe this was a good idea. We progressed through our evening routine as we usually do; brushing teeth, putting on pajamas, saying prayers, and reading bedtime stories. The only difference was that both beds were now in the same room.

After we tucked the boys in and turned off the light we went into the other room. At first there was silence, followed by whispering, followed by the pitter-patter of little feet.

“Good night, boys!”

Quiet again. Now there was a dialogue. “Cut the pickle! Tickle, tickle, tickle!” Laughter erupts in the form of little giggles.

Our mouths were filled with laughter; our tongues sang for joy.

I thought this would be the ideal time to be the father and lay down the ground rules again so I went into the room and both boys were already back in their respective beds, grinning from ear to ear. It was as if they knew what I was going to do.

After another ten minutes they were asleep. Two angelic boys sleeping peacefully in the same room. A beautiful thing. For now all was well.

I can’t help but think how this was similar to the apostles entering Jerusalem with Jesus on Palm Sunday. They were not sharing a room for the first time, but things were good in the ministry. People were hailing Jesus, and shouting praise. For once, things probably seemed peaceful. I imagine the apostles got a little giddy as well. This was almost too good to be true.

So, too, was the ending of our story. Around 4:00am my wife and I were awoken to our oldest son telling us that his brother stole his sheets and was now sleeping in HIS bed. Sure enough, our youngest staged a hostile takeover of both beds. An impressive feat for any two year old.

Moving into Wednesday, Christ, his apostles, and the whole church prepare for the final summit push. Calvary. What started out fun and exciting at Palm Sunday will turn difficult and tense. Yet we know the ultimate outcome of this journey, and it is this goal which keeps us moving ever onward and upward.

It is a similar fight with our boys. Ok, maybe it was not as easy as we had hoped, but we will get there. Perseverance, prayer, love and a little humor will help us achieve our goal.

2 Responses to “Laughter: Psalm 126”
  1. kathy Diener says:

    This put a smile on my face as I remembered you with your sisters (esp. Beth) doing this. You have a beautiful family!!

  2. me says:

    Ge brings back memories and puts a smile on my face.

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