Home: Psalm 122

My wife has created a beautiful house for us to live in. She did not build our house but within the confines of our walls she created beauty, peace, and order. Through the utilization of paint, nails, fabric, and a little ingenuity she took a house and made it our home. This is where we … Continue reading

Hope: Psalm 121

Psalm 121 I love my two boys. In their short time here on this earth they have taught me more about faith, love and hope than any other human teacher or mentor. Both boys have an unbridled exuberance for life. I love the way they look at me. Their little eyes pierce the depths of … Continue reading

Songs of Ascent

I stumbled across something today which changed the way I am engaging Lent. Through reading a posting on a church’s website, I had my eyes opened to the “Songs of Ascent”. What are these songs? They are Psalms 120-134. Why are they special? Well, that depends. Traditionally, these psalms were recited by Jewish pilgrims on … Continue reading