Hope: Psalm 121

Psalm 121

I love my two boys. In their short time here on this earth they have taught me more about faith, love and hope than any other human teacher or mentor. Both boys have an unbridled exuberance for life.

I love the way they look at me. Their little eyes pierce the depths of my soul. They remind me that I too must lift my eyes to my heavenly father in the same way — striving to pierce His heart with my gaze.

I raise my eyes toward the mountains. From where will my help come?

When one of my boys gets hurt the first thing they do is run to my wife or me. They raise up their tearful faces and stretch out their arms asking to be picked up and comforted.

When I get hurt I run into myself.

It is easier to be self-sufficient that to trust another.

What happens when the journey gets too tough and I can no longer rely on my own strength?

My help comes from the LORD, the maker of heaven and earth. God will not allow your foot to slip; your guardian does not sleep. Truly, the guardian of Israel never slumbers nor sleeps. The LORD is your guardian; the LORD is your shade at your right hand. By day the sun cannot harm you, nor the moon by night. The LORD will guard you from all evil, will always guard your life. The LORD will guard your coming and going both now and forever.

When I used to read Psalm 121 I would get the image of people singing the song in praise. Today, I envision people who are exhausted, weary from life and too tired to go on. They repeat these words on their journey to drown out the lies which bombard them from every side.

“you are weak”
“you don’t know where you are going”
“you are not good enough”
“you are a failure”
“you can’t make it”

My children know the secret. They try to teach it to me anew each day. When they are too tired to walk, they reach up to be held — carried. They hope and trust in the strength which is greater than themselves.


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