Songs of Ascent

I stumbled across something today which changed the way I am engaging Lent. Through reading a posting on a church’s website, I had my eyes opened to the “Songs of Ascent”. What are these songs? They are Psalms 120-134. Why are they special? Well, that depends. Traditionally, these psalms were recited by Jewish pilgrims on their way to Jerusalem, but they carried a special meaning for me as we enter into these last weeks of Lent. As Christ prepares himself to take up his cross, walk the road to Calvary, suffer crucifixion and then resurrects, I thought these Psalms might give me a unique perspective on the “via crucis” and the greatest of all miracles — the resurrection of our Lord.

Adding to the journey, my wife and I have decided to meditate on these Psalms in the form of lectio divina asking two questions: 1. How does this Psalm effect me? and 2. How does this Psalm change us as a couple and family?

I am not sure what this process will unveil, but I am excited to see where it will lead.

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